Photo diary : Baptismal

*Sample photos 

























Forever. Favorite. Period. 

One thing I can promise you — I will never get tired on cheering you up ; will make you feel that you are one of the most beautiful women I know. ☺️❤️



Photo diary : portrait photography



candid shot for a happy kid, Angelyn




Sidney Young.


oh! the way he looks at her. 😍😍


SHE’S BACK!! i missed you 😘😘😘



I used VSCOcam application to enhance these photos.

For more photos (by my “co-photographers) check out our facebook page, Everyday Photography. 

Good night! 😘😘

Photo diary : Jona’s maternity shoot

Portrait photography is not really my forte, pero dahil nadaan ako sa konting alak at libreng pagkain… (Joke)  I Went to Bulacan to have my first ever portrait photoshoot.

Lipstick. creepy


First hour of our photo shoot was a flop. So we went outside and looked for a perfect lighting.



Looking forward to days with her child.


Two hearts united in ine body.

2nd day

Happiness inside.

Gear : canon 1000d ; 50mm lens (plus dedication and patience)