Photo diary: What a mess, Dez! 

Last day of my “summer” was spent with one of my closest and jirits friends. The one and only, master Dez!

You might be wondering why “mess”. It is because it was really a “mess” being with this kind of person when you are traveling, no plans, no directions! So, What a mess, Dez! Hahahaha

She was very persistent on forcing me to accompany her to go to the Underground Cemetery so I gave in since un nga she’s one of my closest friends. K. 

Teka, bakit english? 

Underground cemetery

I was a bit disappointed on what I saw… Parang “okay, eto na un?”  But… I just had to look on the “brighter side”, at least I had a solo time with the master. 😅😅😒😒😒

“kunwari bati tayo” hahahaa 😒😒😒


“wow Joon ang ganda ng lighting, picturan mo ko” 😒😒



si Dez na salarin


From Underground Cemetery to Liliw, Laguna. 

Fortunately, it was also the last day of the Tsinelas Festival. We walked around, ate and of course, took some pictures. 


Umuwi kaming paguran but whatevs, pang blog pa din to. 

There will be no next time, Dez. Love you pa din. Hahaha 😒😒😅😅❤️




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